Terms and Conditions

All vehicles are rented and returned by one of the selected locations:

  • Albena Holiday Resort – FREE of charge
  • Balchik – FREE of charge
  • Bourgas Airport – €50 charge
  • Golden sands – FREE of charge
  • Sofia Airport – €120 charge
  • St. Constantine and Helen – FREE of charge
  • Varna Airport – FREE of charge


  1. All vehicles are received and returned with a full petrol tank.
  2. There is no restriction in the kilometers passed.
  3. Minimum age restriction to rent a vehicle is 23 years.
  4. In the case of an accident, please DO NOT move the vehicleCALL the Police from any mobile or stationary phone by dialing the Nation Wide Emergency Number 112 and wait for their arrival. Meanwhile call us at one of the 24/7 Call lines: +359-898-449942 or +359-899-634142
  5. If you move the vehicle prior the Police arrival – the insurance companies will NOT meet any claim for damages and / or injuries and then it comes the hirer responsibility.
  6. There is deposit of €100 or £70. Note: the deposit shall be returned when the vehicle is returned without any damages!
  7. If you need a chauffeur for your trip we can provide you with one. There is €15 charge per day – 8 hours.

We wish you safe trip and have a great time visiting Bulgaria.